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LSL lifter bobbins Kawasaki ER-6n/f (ABS) 06-08 titanium color

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Large guide bobbins make attaching the paddock stand much easier

LSL lifter bobbins Kawasaki ER-6n/f (ABS) 06-08 titanium color

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Everyone knows what a fiddly job it can be trying to engage the jaws of the paddock stand with the normal small bobbins. The race teams competing in endurance races have long used large guide bobbins which make attaching the paddock stand far easier.
A brand new product from LSL means that this endurance racing innovation is now available for your road bike - the LSL Lifter. These large guide bobbins (diameter: 56 mm) are made of wear-resistant plastic and carry the LSL logo. The coloured inner bushings, made of aluminium, come in a choice of dark anthracite anodised, silver anodised and gold anodised. Further colours will be available soon.
All the the LSL Lifters come with 8 mm spacers, which can be fitted between swing arm and Lifter, if necessary. They are attached with counter bore socket head screws.
For Kawasaki ER-6n/f (ABS) 06-08 motorcycle.

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Артикул (SKU) 680LB10-11TI
Производитель LSL

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