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MRA originally-shaped windshield Kawasaki Gpz 500 S

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MRA originally-shaped windshield Kawasaki Gpz 500 S

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70,96 €


MRA is the world’s largest aftermarket motorcycle windshield maker and produce the widest range of the highest quality screens there is, all manufactured in their German TUV-approved facility.
MRA motorcycle screens are manufactured from a unique and special high performance material - developed originally for aircraft canopies and used by no other motorbike screen manufacturer - with the following ideal and unique combination of properties:
-Shock resistant and shatterproof - to minimise the chance of breakage from the impact of stone chips etc.
-Rigid to retain its shape and avoid distortion under extreme wind pressure and high temperatures.
-Safer in extreme circumstances should it break, the resultant edges are not sharp.
-Resistant to most chemicals - including Petroleuml/Gasoline and Alcohol etc.
-UV (sunlight) resistant - for at least ten years to avoid dulling or clouding.
MRA always undertake an intensive development programme with each new bike for which they develop screens, using a variety of different sized riders - and even wind tunnel testing where necessary - to guarantee a real improvement on your bike!

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Артикул (SKU) MRA-004362
Производитель MRA
Windshield type O
Windshield length (mm) 410
Windshield width (mm) 360

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