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Clutch set EBC-CK5643

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Clutch set EBC-CK5643

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Complete Engine sets of stack height controlled friction plates featuring the EBC unique alloy particle impregnated clutch facings that prevent burn up or slippage. Every CK kit is matched and measured to give you a perfect stack height. Never try to fit individual plates is the EBC recommendation.
Drive case OIL is extremely important and riders should never use ATF (Automatic transmission fluid) which has been tried in the past to reduce oil drag and gain half a horsepower.
It does reduce drag and it does give you a tiny HP gain but it ruins your clutch in minutes. Always use the bike manufacturers oil and fill to the right level, another not so clever trick used to gain a tiny power increase is to reduce the oil level in the drivecase, Oils must cool the clutch as well as lubricate it, never cut corners here and never put additives of any sort in drivecase oil which cause plates to stick and glaze, invalidating your warranty and ruining your clutch.

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Артикул (SKU) EBC-CK5643
Производитель EBC
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