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Tyrewarmers CAPIT Suprema Spina Supermotard 250gp (M/L)

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351,00 €

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Front: 120/17"
Rear: <=180/16-17"

Tyrewarmers CAPIT Suprema Spina Supermotard 250gp (M/L)

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351,00 €


Tyre warmers Capit Suprema Spina for motorcycle has simple shape but great contents. This model has been designed to offer one practical product that still maintains the efficiency required to use both amateur as well as professional. The quality-price balance is one of the best in the world because in addition to having professional performance for a standard price, reliability and durability over the years are close to the top. Equipped with side bands useful to radiate heat to the rim, it is unique thanks to the 36 pleats (18 per side) made to get the "spherical shape" or rather one form useful to copy perfectly the wheel profile and ensure the best fit of the tyrewarmer to the tire. Available in different sizes and colors can be ordered with plug type European (EU - 220/230 Volt) - English (UK - 230 Volt) - American (USA - 110 Volt) - Australian (AUS - 240 Volt) - Japanese (JPN - 100 Volt). The main features are:

- Heating radial cable in teflon from 40 meters radial for a reduction of the heating time and a uniform distribution of heat

- TNT Heating System self-adjusting 85°C without thermostat (in 30 minutes you get a uniform temperature on the tyre without termostat not able to provide. The innovative and patented method consists in weaving every 5 mm a special heating cable on a material with high thermo-conductive power thus eliminating the thermostat and the related problems of inconstancy in temperature and low duration)
- Special outer coating in teflon waterproof to any liquid

- Internal lining anti-wear and fireproof

- Power wire in silicone resistant up to 200°C

- Velcro closure

- Operating Control light

The difference from the competitors is the quality of product and service Capit, 100% made in Italy used by all the top teams MotoGP, Superbike and F1, warranty of three years and guaranteed repair service even out of warranty. Ability to customize the product logo, purchase of spare parts or even a single tyrewarmer. MotoShopItalia is official dealer Capit.

The pair of tyrewarmers can be ordered in the following sizes:

18'' (tyre until 110/18'' front and 130/18'' rear)
S/M (tyres until 90/17'' front and until 120/16-17'' rear)
M/L (tyres until 120/17'' front and until 180/16-17'' rear)
M/XL (tyres until 120/17'' front and until 200/16-17'' rear)
M/XXL (tyres until 120/17'' front and until 205/16-17'' rear)

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